The Best Pike Swimbaits

Pike swimbaits are a must-have if you want to catch a record pike. Here is a list of the best pike swimbaits.

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1: Strike King Spinnerbait

Strike King has been producing high-quality lures since 1978, so it’s no surprise that their Spinnerbaits are some of the most popular on the market. The Strike King Pike swim bait features a sleek, modern design with a pronounced wobble and sharp strike. This bait is perfect for targeting big fish in slow-moving water, and its soft plastic construction ensures that it won’t damage your gear.

pike swimbaits

2: Paddle Tail Swimbaits

Paddle Tail Swimbaits are a type of swim bait that is designed to look like a real aquatic predator, such as a Pike. They come in a variety of colors and styles, and can be fished either live or dead. Paddle Tail Swimbaits are popular among anglers who want to catch more trout and other coldwater fish.

3: Jointed Swimbaits for Pike

There are a few types of swimbaits that can be used for pike. One type is the jointed swimbaits, which are baits with several joints that create different action on the water. This type of bait usually has a soft body and a wide tail that helps it to move through the water. Another type of swimbait is the spinnerbait. This type of bait has a small body and a large spinner on one end that creates movement in the water.

4: Lew’s Mini-Minnow Baits

Lew’s Mini-Minnow Baits are a great choice for Pike fishing. They feature a unique design that mimics the action of a swimming Pike. This bait is sure to get your fish attention, and will give you the success you’re looking for on the water.

5: Floating Jig Swimbaits

When it comes to floating jigs, there are a few options that anglers can choose from. Compared to other types of swimbaits, floating jigs are often considered more versatile. This is because they can be used in a variety of different ways, depending on the water conditions and the type of fish that you’re targeting. 

One popular way to use a floating jig is as a baitfish attractor. This means that you’ll usually suspend the jig just below the surface of the water, and wait for fish to nibble on it. Once you’ve got a bite on your jig, simply let go and watch as your catch swims towards you. 

Another popular use for Floating Jigs is as live baitfish lures. This means that you’ll tie them onto small pieces of food – such as worms or minnows – and then drop them into the water near where you want to catch fish. Again, wait for a bite before casting out and reel in your prize!

pike swimbaits

6: Berkley Gulp! Shad Rigs

Pike swimbaits are a popular choice for bass anglers looking to target big fish in lakes and streams. Berkley Gulp! Shad Rigs are another great option for these types of fishing situations. These rigs feature Berkley’s famous G-Spin technology, which helps create an erratic swimming action that lures in big bass.

7: Kastmasters Swimbaits

Kastmasters Swimbaits is a well-known brand when it comes to swimbaits. They have a wide variety of baits that can be used in either fresh or salt water. Their baits are known for their performance and durability.


If you want to catch more pike, try one of these baits!

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