Canada Fishing Walleye

How to Catch Walleye in Canada

If you’re interested in fishing for walleye, you’ve come to the right place. This species, also known as yellow pickerel and yellow pike, is a native of most of northern Canada and the northern United States. A close relative of pikeperch and European zander, the walleye is an excellent choice for a fishing trip. Read on to learn more about this popular fish and how to catch it.

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When fishing for walleye, you’ll need to use the appropriate bait and tackle. Usually, these species remain in waters between 10 and 30 feet of depth, so you must use a lure that will entice them to take your lure. If the walleyes are active, you’ll need to find a spot that has a good concentration of these fish. To find these places, you’ll need to make sure the water is clear enough to allow you to cast at them with confidence.

Look for Transition Zones

During the summer, it’s best to target areas with transition zones. This means looking for drop-offs or other underwater structures. While the former is the most obvious transition zone, there are many lakes that contain a similar transition zone. Aside from these areas, try searching for walleye during the evening or morning. You can also look for these fish on flat surfaces. A good way to identify a prime location is to try trolling over structures on the bottom.

canada fishing walleye

When fishing for walleye in the fall, many of these fish move into deeper waters and are more active. This means you need to spend more time searching for them at this time. Jigging is a great way to catch these fish, especially in rivers that have strong currents and active walleye. You must be able to locate these fish easily, which is why you need a depth finder. The angler must remember that atmospheric pressure may affect the feeding behavior of these fish.

Choosing the right lure for a walleye

If you are looking for a fast-moving lake, you should use a floating rig. If the lake is still, try casting a spinning lure. Then, when walleye are aggressive, reel the lure in and move it back out. The trick is to stay in the strike zone. However, if you are not able to locate a strike zone, try searching the area around the lake with a nightcrawler or a mayfly rig.

While casting a lure, you should look for moving water. The more turbid the water, the more walleye are likely to strike. While trolling in a slow moving river is not effective, it will catch more fish. When casting a spinning lure, the angler should be careful to avoid snagging. If you do hook a walleye, you will want to keep it in place for several hours.

It’s important to know what kind of structure you’re fishing in. Walleyes like to hide in a cover that allows them to ambush baitfish. This type of cover has several different kinds. There are holes, a hump, and flats. A flat is a long section of ground with similar depth. A spot-on-the-spot is a transitional area between two types of depth.

In the fall, walleyes tend to move out into open water. During this time, they are more likely to feed on bait in shallow water. But in order to catch a walleye, you must wait until it is hooked. If the fish is on the hook, he’ll hit the bait with either its head or its tail. If he’s in the mood, he’ll vibrate the rod and make you wait until he strikes.

canada fishing walleye

Once the ice melts, walleye will move toward staging areas near the spawning grounds. Typically, this happens before the ice has melted. After the ice has melted, the area becomes critical for walleye. During this time, they’ll be feeding on smelt in the 50-foot depths of the lake. If the ice melts, they will move toward the shallower water.

During the summer, walleye prefer natural colors. So, it’s a good idea to use heavy-duty jigs, which can be as much as three or four ounces. In addition to jigs, you should also consider using artificial lures. Live bait is another great choice. Whether you use a bait rig or salted minnows, live bait will attract the fish.

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