Do Fish Eat Poop?

Do fish eat poop? If so, what does it mean? Let’s review the types of different fish and whether or not they eat their poop. Some particular fish are more prone to eating feces, take a look below and find out which ones.

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do goldfish eat poop?

1: Do Goldfish Eat Poop?

Goldfish are a popular choice for beginner aquarists because of their small size and ease of care. They are also known to be omnivorous, meaning that they will eat both plant and animal material, including poop.

While there is no evidence to suggest that goldfish consume poop as a regular part of their diet, it is possible that they may do so in rare cases. If you notice your goldfish eating poop regularly, it may be best to consult a veterinarian or fish expert to determine if this is an appropriate diet for your pet.

Do Pike Eat Their Poop?

The answer to this question is a little bit murky, or should we say musky.. but there are some indications that pike may consume their own feces. This behavior likely serves two purposes: it helps eliminate parasites and bacteria from the fish’s digestive system, and it provides a nutrient-rich supplement to their diet. While this practice is not universal among all pike species, it does seem to be common among certain types of pike, such as the American Pike.

How Often do You Change Betta Fish Water

Do Betta Fish Eat Poop?

There are many different types of fish in the world, and each one specializes in eating a specific type of food. One such type of fish is the betta fish. Bettas are a popular choice for those who want to keep an aquarium, as they are small enough to fit in most tanks but big enough to provide some interesting entertainment. 

Bettas typically feed on small aquatic creatures, but they have been known to eat poop. This behavior is not unusual for some types of fish; for example, catfish and goldfish will sometimes consume feces. The reason why bettas may eat poop is not entirely clear, but it may have something to do with the fact that poo contains nutrients that can help the fish grow. 

Although eating poop is not necessarily a bad thing, it may not be desirable behavior for most bettas owners. If you decide that you want your betta to stop eating poop, there are a few things you can do. You can try feeding them different types of food or giving them live plants instead of food balls.

3: Do Catfish Eat Poop?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the diet of different fish can vary drastically. However, most experts believe that some fish do consume poop – specifically, catfish and some types of carnivorous plants.

 proponents of this theory point to the fact that catfish thrive in environments with high levels of fecal matter. They argue that these fish are able to extract nutrients from this material, which helps them survive in difficult environments. Additionally, some experts believe that eating poop can help catfish ward off parasites and other diseases.

While there is evidence to support the claim that some fish consume poop, it is still largely anecdotal evidence. Therefore, it remains unclear whether or not all fish eat poop – or if this is a unique trait of certain species.

4: Do Carp Eat Their Poop?

Carp are a common fish found in many waterways across the world. They are known to feed on other organisms, including small fishes and other aquatic creatures. Some believe that carp eat their own poop as part of their diet, as this substance is high in nutrients. This is an interesting topic to explore and may lead to new insights about carp behavior and ecology.

5: Do Rainbow Trout Eat Poop?

Rainbow trout are a popular freshwater fish that are commonly owned in homes and fisheries across North America. There is some debate as to whether or not rainbow trout consume fecal material, but the consensus is that they do not. This is because the rainbow trout’s digestive system is suited for breaking down plant material only. While it’s possible that small amounts of fecal material may be ingested, this would not be significant enough to affect their overall health or diet.

6: Do Grayling Eat Their Poop?

Grayling are a type of freshwater fish that inhabit lakes and rivers in Europe and North America. They eat mainly small fish, but they also feed on detritus, algae, and other aquatic creatures. One possible explanation for why grayling might eat their poop is to extract nutrients from it. Alternatively, the poop may help to regulate the grayling’s water temperature or provide protection from predators. There is limited research on this topic, so further study is needed to verify the reasons why these fish might consume their own feces.

do fish eat poop?

7: Do Trout Eat Their Poop?

Trout are a freshwater fish and as such, their diet consists mostly of small fish and other aquatic invertebrates. However, one common food item that trout consume is fecal material (poop). While it is unknown as to whether or not trout specifically eat poop for nutritional reasons, the consumption of fecal material has been observed in other species of fish as well. In fact, some scientists believe that eating poop may play an important role in the nutrition and reproduction of some species of fish.


Yes,as we can see, some types of fish will eat poop. However, it is not a good idea to feed your fish poop because it can be harmful to their health.

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