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5 Foot Metal Roof Snow Guards

These roof guards will help stop snow from falling off your roof. Help control the snow where it’s heavy with the help of roof snow guards. From aluminum-zinc material and made to last, these snow guards offer great protection against snow build-up, and leaking. 30-year Guarantee.

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50 Commercial Bulk Pack Snow Guards for Metal Roofs

From Snowguard. The perfect seal gasket and no silicone is required. These snow guards include water-tight installation and offer maximum strength. The mounting hardware is included in the packaging as well as neoprene washers and screws.


JSP Snow Guards

These snow guards are perfect for metal roofing. Color options are available. The design is strong and durable. No drilling is necessary when installing these snow guards.

Metal Roof Snow Guards: All You Need To Know

Metal roof snow guards are devices placed on the roof to prevent significant accumulations of snow, which could cause ice or frozen matter. The weight of the stack can cause substantial structural damage, even bodily injury.

Snow guards are designed to retain snow to prevent avalanches. That reduces the possibility of an accident with those who live in the house or pass by it.

The metal roof snow guard’s design allows you to catch the snow and lets moisture formed during the melting process to pass through without problems. These devices are installed on pitched roofs of buildings in the process of laying the tiles.

These elements are manufactured to keep roofs and objects underneath intact. They are usually placed near the roof’s edge, using adhesives or screws.

Snow guards may be constructed from tubing or a flat panel to which a raised edge is attached. Therefore, the materials commonly used to manufacture them are stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum.

The type of roof, the homeowner’s preference, and the home’s construction determine the type of snow guard product and/or material.

If you live in a place where snow abounds, either permanently or seasonally, join us in this article. Here we will explore the different types of protection, which materials are suitable, the advantages of having good snow protection, and the installation process.


Types of Snow Guards

There are several types of snow bracket protection on the market:

Metal Pipes

Snow protection devices in the form of metal pipes consist of pipes with small diameters arranged in two rows and firmly fastened with brackets. The fasteners are installed by rigidly fixing them to the beams or turning elements.

Arguably, this type of protection resembles a small fence consisting of two or three rows of metal bars, which are spaced 25 to 50 inches apart.

Using this type of pipe allows small amounts of frozen material to slide off simultaneously, alleviating the need to remove this debris manually.

The snow resistance of the metal pipe barrier will depend on the distance between the bottom pipe and the plane of the roof, and the spacing between the lines will impact the reliability of the installation.

Metal Gratings

Metal gratings are similar to a lattice made of a high-quality steel alloy, making them resistant to corrosion. The correct installation of these provides for their attachment to the slope using brackets.

The grid must have a height of 10 to 20 centimeters. This size will be related to the efficiency of the snow retention process. This design has several advantages, such as:

  • Reliability, as it can withstand massive snow layers.
  • Versatility, snow guards can be mounted on any roofing material.
  • Easy to install. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • With a wide variety of colors, the snow supports will not be visible against the roof background by selecting the correct shade.

Plates and Corner Pieces

In the form of plates and corner brackets, snow guards are made of galvanized sheet metal or metal profile roofing. They have a decorative strip and metal support.

It is important to note that if there are heavy snowfalls where the house is located, this type of installation of structures is not justified since they cannot withstand heavy loads. Similarly, if the roof slope angle exceeds 30%, do not install them.

What are the Advantages of Metal Roof Snow Guards?

By installing snow guards, you can prevent gutter breakage due to the accumulation and sliding of heavy patches of ice formations, thus preventing fatal accidents due to people being under the gutter.

As a homeowner, you may want to clean the roof surface of accumulated precipitation, which can be an unsafe, time-consuming process and cause unnecessary damage.

Therefore, consider having snow guards installed by you or a specialist company to prevent personal injury and property damage. Remember, snow guards are easy to install, inexpensive, and in addition to trapping snow, they allow moisture to pass through without problems.

The Installation Process

It is imperative to consult the manufacturer’s installation instructions and guidelines when installing snow guards yourself. Generally, snow guards, if the roof is metal, have two different ways of installation, one by mechanically fastening it with a clamp and the other with an adhesive.

It will depend on the type of metal roof, whether it is standing seam, corrugated, or otherwise, the different snow guards to be installed, so you are urged to follow the installation instructions specific to your metal roof profile.

Take into consideration that to determine the most suitable type of snow guard, you will need to know:

  • The size of the slopes and their gradient
  • The amount of average annual precipitation where you live.
  • Please consider snowdrifts and frost, as they significantly load the structure.

Consider whether the snow guard is a trellis type. If so, you will need to attach the brackets to the slope surface with a screwdriver, use self-tapping screws with hex caps, and then insert the grating into the fasteners.

Metal pipe type should be mounted on the bearing wall of the building along the slopes.

For plate and corner type, when installing this type of snow guard, the roofing material with which it is equipped is used as the basis for the cladding, placing the corner and plate protection parallel to the ridge.

Snow is an inevitable consequence of the winter season, whether you enjoy it. In the case of owning a home with a metal roof and living in a snowy area, you may want to consider adding snow guards to your top.

This action will avoid many problems because it will protect your property from damage limited to the roof or gutters and everything underneath it, including people. Contact a professional roofing company if you don’t want to install your own metal roof snow guards, and leave the work in the hands of the experts!

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