Hexamid SOLO Tent

Zpacks Hexamid Solo Tent Review

The Zpacks Hexamid Solo is a lightweight non-symmetrical pyramid-style shelter with built-in bug netting and a single adjustable trekking pole. Its design is stable and secure in the wind and has eight stakeout points. It doesn’t have a floor, but its lightweight design is perfect for light backpacking trips. It comes with a stuff sack, guy wire cord, repair tape, and instructions for setup.

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The Hexamid Solo tent is a great choice for one person on a budget. The simple structure and design will make it an excellent choice for a weekend or longer trip. This one-person shelter has an extended Beak for extra headroom and bright yellow guy lines to keep out the rain. It also features six elastic bands and clips to attach a groundsheet. It’s an excellent choice for backpacking and solo camping trips.

hexamid solo tent

The Hexamid Solo’s unique design allows campers to sleep in a semi-circle, making it easy to sleep in a variety of conditions. Its unique design and breathable fabric keeps the occupant dry and comfortable even when the weather is wet. Its mesh walls can be easily wiped clean and won’t retain any moisture. Despite its waterproof design, it can still get wet when you’re camping under cloud cover.

The Hexamid Solo’s pyramid design allows for a lot of air flow. It is a versatile shelter for a solo hiker. A single trekking pole acts as its central support. The material is durable, and the Hexamid is available in white and black colors. This tent has numerous guy-out points, so it’s ideal for camping in the rain and snow. With an interior space that’s big enough for a two-person, it’s a comfortable place to stay.

Ideal for Backpacking

The Hexamid Solo is a one-person pyramid-style tent that is ideal for backpacking. Its central support is a single trekking pole, and its fabric is a white DCF material. It also features numerous guy out points to keep the occupant dry and comfortable. It’s a great choice for a single-person traveler. However, there are some drawbacks. It’s not waterproof, but it can get wet in rain and is susceptible to wind.

Hexamid Solo’s pyramid design allows for maximum air flow. The central support is provided by a single trekking pole positioned at an angle. It’s also made of white DCF fabric, and has many guy out points. Aside from allowing for air flow, the Hexamid Solo has two doors and a roof that can be opened and closed. This is ideal for a hiker who doesn’t want to put up the groundsheet too high.

This one-person tent is made with a tarp that stretches 9 feet (2.75 meters) long. It features a bright yellow guy line and an extended Beak that makes it easy to see out. Aside from its great design, it also has a tarp that extends out to create a roomy sleeping area. Its tarp can also be used as an outdoor shelter.

The Hexamid Solo is a one-person pyramid-style tent with an angle-shaped trekking pole for central support. It has many guy-out points, which make it a great option for rainy weather. A Hexamid solo tent is also very easy to set up and will keep you dry, even if there’s a cloudy sky. This makes it a great choice for a weekend adventure.

Lightweight and easy to set up

Unlike many other tents, the Hexamid Solo is lightweight and easy to set up. Its single trekking pole will support it from all angles. The Hexamid Solo is also waterproof and offers many guy-out points for optimal weather protection. When the weather turns bad, you can easily set up your Hexamid Solo. It will keep you dry and warm for a long time, but it will not keep you dry.

It’s lightweight and durable. Its design is a good choice for backpacking. The Hexamid Solo’s lightweight structure and insect-resistant fabric make it an ideal choice for many outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight tent or an insulated shelter, the Hexamid Solo is the perfect choice for your next outdoor adventure. The Hexamid’s design will keep you dry in cloudy weather and give you the freedom to enjoy your time outdoors.

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