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Tackle Depot Mystery Box: Is it Worth It

You have heard about lingerie to makeup mystery boxes, right. However, for some reason, the men always seem to get looked over. So, ladies, while you spoil yourself with perfume and more, there is a great way to make the man in your life happy. The best way is to have a Mystery Tackle Box sent to him to keep him smiling ear to ear.

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mystery tackle box

How Does Tackle Depot Mystery Box Work?

The Mystery Box is a popular fishing tackle subscription service that sends hooks, baits, lures in a curated box to your doorstep every month. You can select your preferred box for fishing catfish, pan fish, bass, to trout. In addition, you can choose inshore saltwater species like redfish, snook, and flounder. Yet, that is not all. You have different membership levels, all offering you tons of value.

Once you select your species, Tackle Depot will send you a box full of premium quality lures not easily found in regular bait stores. In addition, there are soft baits, scents, and other accessories included in stickers. You can expect your mystery box to arrive in one to two business days for you to start fishing.

As long as you pay the subscription, you will get a new box loaded with excellent lures sent monthly to your door. The process is simple, and a great way to introduce yourself to new fishing lures.

What Do We Think of Tackle Depot Mystery Box?

We think the mystery box is worth the costs you spend for the monthly subscription. If you are serious about catching fish as we are, then you have an advantage in using this program. The majority of the lures you receive are excellent, depending on the species you catch.

We have used the lures to catch crappie, walleye, trout, bass, and other species using the baits in the mystery box. While not every bait you get is a hit for your fishing goals, you get up to seven lures per box.

But you get a few boxes with some home runs and reasonably priced packages. Of course, when you see how much you save, the box pays for itself. Still, if there are some lures you love, you can always order more from them online.

Personally, we have reordered more than ten lures not staple in our tackle boxes but will be going forward. Our first box was a Bass box and received five baits, and boy was they exciting. Some were just okay, but we still caught some small bass. 

Yet, the following month we tried the regular bass box. One thing we could say is that Tackle Depot outdid itself on this box. The package had some good bait and loaded on early summer bass, crankbaits, and soft plastics.

What stood out was the EWG worm hook and very sharp out-of-the-box to make the hook sets easier to use with light tackle. In our opinion, a winner box.

Our Overall Feeling

We love the Tackle Depot Mystery Box. However, we were initially skeptical because you are not always sure if you will get the value for what you pay. The truth is that all the lures are under retail price. The baits are proven to catch your fish, but some brands are not known in the mainstream.

While you can head out to your local store for many of the lures, there are some of them you cannot find at your bait shop. So, the bass you fish has never seen these lures you plan to catch them with. Each fishing tackle is of quality selected to match your current fish season.

Hence, you can unbox today, and you will be catching your fish before the sun starts to set. While not every bait is a winner or for your region, these boxes still deliver. No matter what fish species box you choose, the membership costs are worthwhile and get you excited every month.

Is the Tackle Depot Mystery Box Worth the Money?

The Tackle Depot Mystery Box is well worth spending on the subscription. When you think about all the money you spend on fishing gear, the mystery box can save you some. In addition, you discover new lures you cannot find sold anywhere else.

The bait is all marked below the retail price, and you get a variety in every box you receive. Okay, we agree that not all the lures you get will give you that home run, but most of them are gems. So, if you want a great way to discover a new preferred lure and still get bait with the accessories, you can with the mystery tackle box.

You will be opening your package and heading out to the fishing water the same day. Each lures hand-selected to catch the fish species in the season when it arrives. We love that. For anglers serious about fishing, having quality fish lures is essential. The best part is that no one else will have the same lures as you when fishing. 

So, check the Tackle Depot Mystery Box out and see if it is a worthy investment, and do not only take our word for it see for yourself and let us know your thoughts!

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