The BEST Musky Lures

The Top 10 Best Musky Lures

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You can have the best fishing rod in all the land, and all sorts of fancy tech equipment at your disposal, and still go the whole day out on the water without even a nibble if you don’t have the right musky lure. The thing with musky lures, though is that anyone who is trying to sell you one is going to say that they have the best bait on the market. Really trying to separate the pretenders from the contenders can be tricky business. Luckily, we did exactly that, and picked out what we feel are the top 10 best musky lures so that you can catch a big one this season.

4.5″ RF Gillman Glide Bait Bass Musky Striper Fishing Big Lure Multi Jointed Shad Trout Kits Slow Sinking or Floating 

The idea of baiting a big fish, a plastic version of a smaller fish that it’ll likely want to eat thinking it’s the real deal may seem like something out of a cartoon. However, this type of bait has been proven to be widely effective. There are a couple of reasons for that, obviously it’s an eye-catching bait. At the same time, it features multiple hooks that larger fish can catch themselves on. This type of lure is better suited for shallow water fishing as it doesn’t sink too deep into the water. Pick the type of fish that you feel may look tastier to the larger ones that you want to catch!

DOITPE Fishing Lures Topwater Bass Lure Plopper Baits with Floating Rotating Tail Barb 

best musky lures

There’s an argument to be made that the previous option that we looked at certainly goes into deeper detail to create life looking bait. That being said, this particular option is much easier to handle while in the water, and even if you want to throw the line out further from your location. It features quality hooks, and eye-catching colors. Again, the surface area is much smaller than the previous option, but you have more mobility. The decision may very well depend on the type of fishing that you happen to be doing on any given day.

4 Pcs Spinner Lure Bass Fishing Lures Spinner Baits Hard Metal Spoon Spinnerbaits 

We’re getting smaller, and smaller as the list goes on. There are certainly benefits to having smaller bait. For one, it’s going to be easier to set up on the rod, and controlling it in the water is not going to be a daunting task at all. You can get four pieces for about 10 dollars when you factor this could be one of those options that you look into maybe without the highest hopes at the beginning. However, as the day winds down you may be surprised by their effectiveness.

Mizugiwa 12″/30cm 115g Pike Musky Dawg Fishing Soft Bait Lure Fishing Tackle

If you’re looking for bait that’s going to be longer lasting this could be the musky lure for you. The plastic soft bait attaches to different types of rods with ease. The manufacturer does warn fishermen though that usually that first bite is rather subtle. You want to make sure that you’re on your toes so that when you feel it you can grab the rod firmly and start reeling in the catch!

Musky Weedless Bucktail Pike Spinner Bait Muskie Fishing Lure 7″ Long 1.2 Oz Willow 3″ Blade

The design of this option is simple enough to the point where plenty of folks may believe that they can make their own versions at home. The quality materials, though, that this lure is made from truly make all of the difference. Its two hooks that are basically hidden within the feather-like tail end of the bait are the secret weapon. Overall it has great balance, and can be easily spotted in the water even if you throw the line a bit further out.

Mepps Musky Killer-bktl / hot Orange-blk/orng, one Size (BM HO-BO)

Don’t let the simplicity of the design, and even the price tag on this product fool you. The hooks are well hidden beneath that tail end of the lure. What most of the people reviewing the product agree on is that they got a lot of action with this bait. One musky lure for 30 dollars can seem like a bad deal. If one gets you more action than 4 lures for ten, then it’s certainly going to be worth the investment is it not?

Aneew 5X Topwater Bass Fishing Lures Multi-Jointed Broken Wagging Tails Mouse Crankbaits Rotating Baits

Interesting is the word that first comes to mind with these little mice. The manufacturer is betting big on the fact that the design allows the bait to look like an actual fish with life-like swimming movements. Why they would go on to paint them to look like mice is beyond our level of understanding. If nothing else these are a cool novelty product for fishing enthusiasts. The fact that they are promoted as such, kind of makes us wonder about their effectiveness in the water, but from what we can tell it’s a product that can help you see some action in afternoon or early morning fishing.

Father Pike Squidworx 3 Tail Soft Rubber Pike Slayer, Pike Lure, Soft Bait

Another soft bait option on the list. This squid looking option promises to be a bit more durable than the other soft bait option that we looked at. All the while being just as easy to set up on the line. They feature multiple hooking points with eye-catching colors that are going to make the bait easy to spot for all involved in the process. 

Musky Marabou / hot firetiger-Black/or/Chart

This is pretty much the exact same design that we get with the musky killer. The main difference is that the tail end of the Musky Marabou is a bit more round and puffy. That’s going to allow it to sit on top of the water with ease. As we mentioned before, the type of fishing that you’re doing on a particular day could or even should dictate the type of bait that you use. This musky lure promises to get you a lot of action on the water.

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures Japan Design Swimbait Frog Topwater Soft Baits Weedless  

The main selling point on this final musky lure is the fact that these frogs are going to be easier to move through shallow waters that may be filled with weeds or different plants of algae. Something that could be a problem with the previous bait that we discussed. The eye-catching colors also make them easy to keep track of. You’re completely reliant on one hook that’s meant to be extremely powerful. Hopefully they can provide the same type of action across the board.  

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