Walleye Ice Fishing Rods

How to Find Walleye Ice Fishing Rods

To be successful at walleye ice fishing, you must know how to locate them and use the right walleye ice fishing rod. A deadstick setup works best for this type of technique. A deadstick allows the walleye to consume all of the bait before it self-hooks. To find these spots, you should start by drilling 10 to 15 holes at each location, preferably along the drop-off. Spend five to ten minutes jigging an aggressive lure.

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For walleye ice fishing, you need to drill multiple holes per location. You should drill at least 10 holes in each location. You can also drill point structure. Then, jig for between five and ten minutes in each hole. The best time to fish for these fish is during dusk and dawn. Try to set up before sunset or sunrise. The walleye will be most active at this time. If you don’t catch any fish during the first half of the day, you can use the second half of the day.

walleye ice fishing rods

To increase your chances of landing a large fish, try using a tip-up. These baits work well with the flats you are targeting. Usually, walleye spend most of their time in structures, so you need to find these structures and fish them. The best bait for walleye is one that is made specifically for this type of fishing. Those who don’t want to try it should avoid it, as it won’t be as effective as a worm.

A tip to find the best bait for your walleye ice fishing rod is to use a jigging lure with a minnow head. This type of lure will attract walleye since they will smell the head of the minnow when it approaches. In addition to a tip-up, you can use an igloo rig or a jerkbait to lure the fish. It will make fishing more enjoyable!

Walleye Behaviour

When walleye are in the ice, they can be aggressive. Unlike other types of fish, they have incredibly sharp teeth, making them a very effective choice for ice fishing. If you have ever seen a walleye in the water, you will probably be able to tell that it is bigger than a pike. It also has a more aggressive personality. It can grow as large as 10 pounds, so it is important to choose the right bait to match the size of the fish you are targeting.

Types of Bait

The jig is one of the most popular ice fishing lures. Although it is small enough for panfish, most walleye anglers use a larger jig that weighs from an eighth to a half-ounce. The size of the jig also depends on the depth of the water. A jig with a soft plastic bait, such as a frozen minnow, is the best option.

Another popular type of ice fishing for walleye is using live bait. If you are targeting a big baitfish, you will need a baitfish that is seven to ten inches long. A sucker can grow as large as 20 inches. It is too large for a small-sized walleye, so you will have to use a larger baitfish. It is important to choose a bait that will not cause the fish to struggle.

For the best chance of success, choose a spinning reel with a minimum of 1000 sizes. A reel with a smaller size is best for ice fishing. If you are fishing for walleye, you will need a spinning reel as well. You should also consider the length of the rod. The length of the line will depend on the application. A heavy-duty monofilament line will not be visible, but a softer rod will withstand more pressure.

A large number of walleyes will migrate from deep to shallow waters. You must follow them. If you are fishing with a friend, you may want to move with them as they move from deep to shallow. You must be patient and stay on their side while you are catching a large walleye. Small size is the best way to catch a big fish. If you can’t stand the cold, you can choose to fish from a shallower location.

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