The Best Wax Worms for Fishing

Let’s review The Best Wax Worms for Fishing. Wax worms have been used as bait for fishing literally for hundreds if not thousands of years. To this day they are still considered one of the top options particularly for trout fishing. These types of worms though have been used as bait to trap all sorts of fish. Fishermen in tropical climates down in the southern parts of the world or near the equator use them as bait, as do ice fishing enthusiasts up north who want to have a good time with friends. When you look into wax worms for fishing you’ll find that there are a ton of options on the market. There are live wax worms that you can get down at your local shop or even order online.

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When it comes to live bait many people would prefer to not have to store it in their own homes. Unless you happen to have a spot where you can store them safely. There are convenient ways to get live bait or, the next best thing that you can store relatively easily. What we’re going to be going is not just the best wax worms for fishing overall, but what may work best for you. We know that avid fishermen will go to great lengths to defend their worm guys when they’ve gotten good results. While that’s what it should come down to, having wax worm fishing bait that is easy to store, and put on a hook also has its value if you will! First things first though.

How To Use Wax Worms For Fishing         

The first thing that we want to cover is how you’re going to be using these wax worms for fishing. What a lot of amateurs get wrong is how to put the worm on the hook. That’s a big issue because imagine that you went through the hassle of buying and storing live bait only to get to your fishing spot, and hook the bait wrong. As we previously mentioned at the end of the day what you want results in large numbers of fish that you’re able to hook. Regardless of whether you’re a catch and release fisherman, or you’re going to be cooking your catch for dinner.

When you’re putting live worms on the hook, what you want to do is pierce them by the mid-section. The reason why you want to do this is that you’re looking for them to still have some movement to be able to lure the fish in. If you go in, and you pierce the worm like a kebab or like you’re making some grilled worm skewers then you lose all of the potential movement. It’s not like if you put the worm on the hook this way you won’t catch anything. The thing is, if you do it like this, as we’ve said you’re losing the whole advantage of using live worms or at least using materials to make it appear like you’ve got a live worm on the hook.

Live Worms From Your Local Shop 

If you’re looking for the traditional wax worm experience there’s no beating the feeling of going into a local shop by the lake and getting some worms right then and there. As mentioned before it’s really hard to rate these small shops because there are just so many lakes, and riverbeds that essentially have shops that offer live bait. It’s such a local industry in that sense that we would have to take quite the fishing trip at least across all of North America to compile a list of these shops. When you’re at one of these places, and you’re an amateur fisherman what should you be looking for? The movement, the scent are all things that you look for in live bait.

What’s the bad thing about not coming prepared to the lake with your own bait? Well, of course the main issue is that you’re going to be limited to what’s being offered right then and there. The worst case scenario that you can find yourself in is realizing that the shop is closed right on the day that you want to go out and do some fishing. If that happens to you, you’re definitely going to wish that you had come prepared with bait of your own. Again, keeping actual live bait at home can be a real nightmare for some people. Your parents, husband, wife, or kids may not be too thrilled that there are some live worms in the fridge. There’s a way though to get the live worm experience with a product that has a considerably longer shelf life.      

Ordering Wax Worm Canned Bait Online

We don’t want to say that this is the next best thing to live bait. Really there are plenty of advantages that you have with Fisher’s Choice wax worms in a can. Using these as your wax worm fishing bait can bring you a lot of action. The canned worms are essentially dormant larvae from real worms. This helps in the storage department because if you keep them at the right temperature they can last for weeks on end without necessarily causing a major mess. Just make sure that you keep them in a place that is cool, but not necessarily freezing. A mini fridge or a regular refrigerator door are great places to be able to keep these worms.  

What really allows these worms to stand out is the scent. There’s a lot that goes into making sure that the worms give off that live worm scent that can attract all sorts of fish. If you put the worm on the hook correctly as we explained earlier in the article you’ll get some pretty natural movements. Even if, again, we can’t necessarily say that they are “live bait”. We mentioned that the worst case scenario that you could come across is to want to go fishing only to find out the local shop is closed, and you have no worms. At worst, this canned worm option is going to allow you to avoid that dreaded scenario entirely. Really the results that you can get with these worms are on par with what you can expect with traditional live bait wax worms for fishing.  

The Most Animal Friendly Wax Worms Available

This final option that we’re going to be looking at is one that maybe won’t be on the radar of the more traditional fishing enthusiasts. However, it may be the perfect option for those folks who are into catch and release. You want to get into the thrill of fishing without necessarily dealing with cleaning out the fish and putting it on the grill. We’re not here to judge anyone’s liking, but what we can say is that these rubber wax worm grub options look like the real deal. As is the case with all of the options that we’ve explored so far there are pros and cons to this particular option as well. For one, you don’t get that traditional scent that many people believe is really what attracts fish.    

The benefit of this option though is that you’ll have virtually unlimited durability. In fact, if your rubber wax worms do start to wear out it’s probably because you’re having successful days out on the water. With that in mind it’s hard to complain. Again, not having to deal with smelly worms in your fridge is a big plus. It can certainly lead to a happier family life, particularly if your partner isn’t really into fishing. As mentioned, with these rubber worms you can literally conduct a catch and release operation in which the live animals are harmed as little as possible. If there’s one thing we don’t love is how they are set up on the hook in the pictures. If you hook these from the middle you can mimic some of the movement from natural worms and potentially find better overall results.

The Best Wax Worms For Fishing Conclusion     

What we’ve tried to do is provide three simple options that can match the different fishing styles that we know are out there. As we mentioned previously some people use the canned wax worm bait as a backup plan if they can’t find live bait when they go out into the water. At the same time though, there are folks who feel the scent that is in essence artificially harvested with these canned worms leads to them having more nibbles in the water. We feel that ultimately there are a ton of factors that can make one option better for you than the others out there.

When it comes to the rubber worms there are a ton of options out there. We liked this loft lure kit because we really feel that enough detail has been put on the design of these to where they mimic real worms. It’s no secret that we don’t love how they are set up on the hook because you lose that sense of natural movement. That’s ultimately something that you can change when you put them on your hook. Hopefully we’ve been able to provide an option that will serve you well on your next fishing adventure.  

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